About Us


Murray Hall Community Trust will build community resilience through providing high quality services and support to people with a variety of needs, by working to give children the best start in life, make a positive impact on peoples’ health and wellbeing, reducing isolation and loneliness, facilitate empowerment to ensure people get the right support and help individuals to maximise their potential.

Current Challenges

This decade of austerity is far from over while the country still faces many uncertainties about the future; the economy continues to be turbulent. Within this context local charities like Murray Hall face the twin pressures of reducing public sector budgets and the rising demands of a growing elderly population bring challenges to do more for less funding. As inequalities continue to become more prevalent, Murray Hall plays a vital role in supporting our communities more than ever before. This plan will set out our strategic key priorities for strengthening the organisation to deliver services and support for the next three years against this backdrop.

As a community anchor organisation that has a diverse portfolio of providing different support from the cradle to the grave, we work with people, children and families in an integrated way.  Taking an asset-based approach we engage with people valuing their experiences to co-design services and develop effective services that deliver impact. We have extensive wide knowledge and expertise from delivering services over many years.