About Us

Murray Hall Community Trust is a West Midlands based charity serving the Black Country and Birmingham areas. The charity was set up in 1994 by local people in Sandwell to promote health and wellbeing and continue to work in this area as well as in the wider West Midlands.


The Trustees and Staff of Murray Hall believe health is about making sure people have what they need to feel well, for example good housing, play-areas, friends, respect, information, being able to cope with life changes and to make choices. The variety and amount of projects that Murray Hall are involved in are a credit to the Trustees, staff and volunteers. Murray Hall has had a significant impact within the local community and demonstrates the strength of the voluntary sector.

Values and Principles

Murray Hall Community Trust's Values are - Community Development Equality Diversity Empowerment Compassion Teamwork Respect Integrity

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Murray Hall Community Trust is a West Midlands based charity that is based in parts of the most deprived areas of the country and works within a public health social model of health. If you would like to get involved as a Volunteer/Fundraiser, please feel free to contact Sharon Jenkins on 01902 826513 or email sharon@murrayhall.co.uk.

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