Bridges Support Service

Living with a life limiting illness can be a very distressing experience. Bridges Support Service supports people who have been diagnosed with a palliative prognosis and are at the palliative care stage of their illness. We also support their families and carers.

Bridges helps patients and their carers to make links in their community and access services that they may require. We provide additional support to maximize peoples quality of life at home which include someone to sit with the you so that you carer can have a break, someone to pick up some shopping for you, help with domestic tasks in the home or just someone to talk to who understands what you are going through, especially if you are isolated.

Bridges supports patients and carers within the Birmingham area. If you are registered with a GP practice within the Birmingham Cross City area, you may be able to access the service we offer. Please contact Bridges Support Service office on 0121 612 2939 to find out more information.

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