Community Inspiration Awards 2018

WE DID IT!!!! Looking Forward were finalists for the Health and Wellbeing Award at the Community Inspiration Awards 2018.Read more

Whats Going on in CTS?

Whats Happening in CTS? Whats Groups have we got going on? What news have we got?Read more

Transform - Building the Technological Future

Transform is a new project funded by Children in Need and Wellcome and supports children aged 9-12 years old who are experiencing, social isolation, transition difficulties, or struggling academically.Read more


Training programmes for organisations to purchase.Read more

Looking Foward

Looking Forward is funded by Big Lottery to support and improve the emotional health and well-being of children, young people aged 5-18 and their families.Read more

Breaking Silence

Breaking Silence is funded by Children in Need, and provides Therapeutic Support to young people between 7-18 years old, and their families who are affected by self-harm in Sandwell.Read more

Head 2 Head - School Based Counselling

Head 2 Head is an independent Counselling and Creative Therapy Service with a purpose of having a counsellor or therapist based within your school. It is a bespoke service designed around the needs of Children, Young People and staff.Read more