We would love to open a community / sensory garden within The Bridge.

We'd hope to include:

  • Raised beds
  • Mini pop up Greenhouses
  • A sensory Tree
  • A lavender garden
  • A water feature
  • Mirrors
  • Birdhouse / Feeders
  • Seating area
  • A memorial wall
  • Water butt
  • Interactive art
  • Garden Tools

The objectives of the garden are to decrease social isolation and to create a hub for community growth. 

We wish to run the project within the secure setting of The Bridge. Although the garden will benefit the community as a whole, our aim is that the elderly and disabled residents will maintain the up keep of the garden and the children and young people from local schools will be invited to visit the garden and experience its benefits as well as encouraging them to support its maintenance.

Please help make this dream come true and support us.