Supporting a Secondary School pupil to overcome self-harm.

  • 27th September 2019
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Secondary School Pupil | Breaking Silence Service

The name of the pupil has been changed for confidentiality.


Selina would only engage occasionally in her therapeutic sessions to begin with and only when she found that she was in her described ‘happy place’.

Selina voiced that she often felt depressed and lonely. Each time she felt like this she would try to cope by self-harming. During her sessions, it was identified that Selina had difficulties at home with her family and portrayed feelings of anger towards her home life whilst also struggling with positive self-image.


Our Creative Therapist worked with Selina through our bespoke worksheets focusing on self-image, ‘My Qualities & Exploring Values’ and ‘My Triggers & Relationships’.

The next steps were to build a Therapeutic Triad (genuineness, non-possessive warmth and accurate empathy). Accurate empathy is a vital skill to ensure sensitively to current feelings.

Selina felt that our Therapist was ‘easy to talk to’ and has made great progress.

The school reported that Selina has increased self-esteem and confidence and is much happier.

Selina has also not self-harmed in over 3 weeks.