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  • 13th April 2020
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Rowley Springfield Children Centre

Children Centre Worker – Support provided to Single Parent and her family – April 2020

A children centre worker based at Rowley Springfield Children Centre received a telephone call from a very upset and distressed single parent with children of all preschool age. Having recently visited a leading supermarket chain for essential shopping items, she was sadly asked to leave her children outside on the car park unsupervised whilst she went into the store for essential items.

As she had no one to look after her children and refused to leave her children outside she was unable to shop for essential items for herself and her family.

Feeling very distressed about what had been said to her, she called our team for help and support.

Our children centre worker telephoned the supermarket informing them of the parent’s anguish and the way she had been treated whilst queuing and then turned away from the store with no solution or support offered.

A solution was offered to our children centre worker for the family from the store, the parent has received a £20.00 shopping voucher along with their apologies.

Our children centre worker has also supported the parent with guidelines to the new voucher system beginning soon informing parents of shopping vouchers replacing school dinner packs and also The Home Office extension number for Asylum Seekers.

Our children centre worker has been supporting the family for a few months providing much needed support in obtaining household furniture and toys for her children. The family are aware that their children centre worker is working on site during these difficult times and that the children centre team are here to support them.

Our Children Centres are continuing to support children, young people and families as much as possible through alternative and safe methods.

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