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  • Daniel Rio Lal

World Compassionate Communities Day - Tuesday 01st November

Compassionate Communities are neighbours, friends and community members supporting people who are frail, vulnerable, living with life-limiting illness, plus their carers, as well as those experiencing grief and loss. Just small acts of compassion and support can make a big difference to people facing death and their families.

The Sandwell Compassionate Communities, in partnership between Murray Hall Community Trust and Sandwell Advocacy are offering workshops for communities; to provide a safe space to talk about death, dying and loss. We explore sensitive issues, our experiences, how we can informally provide practical support to those we know and others living with serious illness, frailty and bereavement.

This video by the Lien Foundation answers the question 'What is a Compassionate Community?' Featuring our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Manjula Patel.

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