Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & Sing and Sign

Baby Yoga – is a wonderful opportunity for you as a mum to ease your way back into exercise after the birth of your baby, you can discover how yoga can help stretch, strengthen and tone your body. Sessions include gentle yoga for your baby so you can practice together and music and rhymes throughout the class create a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Baby Massage – touch is a baby’s first form of communication and massage helps bonding and attachment with parent and child.  Baby massage has a number of benefits such as: relief from colic, constipation, digestion, helps with relaxation, improves the quality of sleep, improves the immune system, and improves circulation and much more.

Sing and Sign – is a form of communication with your baby before he/she has the ability to talk, using extended gestures such as British Sign Language or Makaton.  Babies naturally use a combination of gestures and sounds to help their parents understand them and baby signing uses standardised signs based on British Sign Language (BSL), and teaches babies and toddlers the basic signs relevant to their daily routines, to enable babies to express their needs or thoughts, you can learn by singing nursery rhymes, songs and empower your baby to be understood.

For more information on any of the courses above please contact Katie or Becky on 0121 522 5150

Due to popular demand

Our massage and yoga sessions now have a “sign up” day.
Spaces are very limited, so please come along to book and confirm your place.