Compassionate Communities

Murray Hall Community Trust is proud of our Bridges Compassionate Communities, it’s leading a fresh approach to end of life care in Sandwell.

The project has been initiated due to ongoing changes in end of life care, with people living longer, and the falling numbers in the working age population indicating there will be a shortage of people who can provide care in years to come. Alongside this there is also a shift to people who will receive their end of life care at home rather than in an acute setting, and the expected increase in the number of people who will be living alone without an intimate carer.

Compassionate Communities has been developed from the Compassionate Cities work of Professor Allan Kellehear, originally of La Trobe University in Melbourne and now at University of Bath.

A community development worker has been employed to increase the capacity of people in Sandwell to be a ‘compassionate communities champion’ and support their friends and neighbours at end of life.

A series of champion’s event are held throughout the year to enable people to share stories of compassion and to contribute to the development of the project.

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