Antenatal Changes Course

Antenatal Changes is a 4 week programme covering all aspects for a health pregnancy, it takes place in a relaxed environment with a free baby box and voucher given out in week 4.

Week 1 – focuses on those early weeks looking at how the baby develops in the womb, it looks at ways to keep healthy and the benefits of exercise and healthy diet. Week one also includes what birth choices parents have and the type of agencies that can support you.

Week 2 – focuses on preparing for changes in relationships, parental rights and responsibilities. In week two there is further exploration of keeping healthy including relaxation and identifying network support.

Week 3 – is a midwife session where a midwife will present and can answer any questions of hopes and worries in child birth.

Week 4 – covers feeding, bonding and how to keep baby safe and what equipment is essential to buy.