Family Support

Many parents/carers need help, friendship, advice and/or support at sometime in their lives. There is no rulebook for raising a family and sometimes it can seem very overwhelming, particularly if your family is going through a difficult time, but if you can get the support you need when you need it, then your day-to-day family life and your children’s future can be so much brighter.

At Tipton and Rowley Children’s Centre’s we have a fantastic team of staff who are ready to support you and your family.

Our Family Support staff can offer practical support to families with children from birth to 19 years, it is a way of giving you new skills that you can use to support your child(ren) and family over a long period of time. We support families for around 6 weeks and can help with a range of issues including: daily routines, improving parenting skills, behaviour management strategies, housing and debt issues and much more.

Children’s Centres can also offer support to families if a parent/carer or child has an additional need. We run a monthly support group for parents or carers of children who have been diagnosed with Autism or who are currently undergoing an assessment.

Our support can help children and families grow together and develop a strong relationship that will have a positive impact on children’s development for years to come, families can contact the Children’s Centre’s themselves to ask about support or another professional can make a referral for them.

If you feel that you require any further support contact your local Children’s Centre where a member of staff will be happy to help you.

0121 522 5150 (Tipton Children’s Centre)
0121 559 9916 (Rowley Children’s Centre)