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Welcome To Your Local Food Pantry.

at The Bridge, St Mark’s Road, Tipton DY4 0SL

For further information please contact us on 0121 612 2934.




Your Murray Hall Local Food Pantry at the Bridge helps you stretch your budget by making sure you have affordable food each week.


You can become a member if you*:

  • Live within 2 miles radius of The Bridge Community Hub, St Marks Road.

  • Live in Tipton and use Tipton Children Centre services.

  • Live in Tipton and you are a SPARCS service user.

  • Live in Tipton and you are a Community Offer service user.

  • Live in Tipton and you are referred from Tipton Food Bank.

You can apply to become a member on-line or by contacting your Murray Hall staff member.

There is a small weekly membership fee of £4.50, for which you can choose a weekly shop of fresh, chilled, frozen and family-favourites to stock up your fridge and cupboard (food worth between £15 - £20).


*Please note you will be required to provide proof of your Tipton address.


There will also be opportunities for you to volunteer to help with the food pantry. We will provide training for you to gain retail skills.


To sign up, please visit www.yourlocalpantry.co.uk