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  • Daniel Rio Lal

It’s the Murray Hall Tipton Food Pantry’s 3rd Birthday!

Your Local Pantry at Murray Hall Community Trust in Tipton opened in December 2020 to help provide affordable food each week. Members of our community benefited from making a total of 2659 visits to the Food Pantry in Tipton in just the last year 🙌⁠

We are proud of our dedicated team of staff and volunteers that deliver this essential service each week, making such a difference to many experiencing food poverty.⁠

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us and for all those that donate food and other items, which helps us to continue to provide quality produce and offer a greater choice of goods!⁠

We are pleased to announce that we are accepting new members. Membership is open to the community and families living within 3 miles of the Food Pantry. To sign up and for more information, visit:⁠⁠


Tuesdays 11:00AM – 3:00PM⁠

Wednesdays 9:30AM – 3:00PM⁠


Murray Hall Community Trust, The Bridge, St Marks Road, Tipton DY4 0SL⁠

We can be contacted on 0121 612 2934.⁠


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