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  • Daniel Rio Lal

A big thank you to Mid Counties Co-op!

Thank you to Mid Counties Co-op in Church Lane Tipton and manager Ricardo, for supplying a Christmas hamper for our raffle!

Did you know The Co-op pioneered food safety and grocery retail practices across the UK?

The first successful Co-op was formed in 1844 in Rochdale, Lancashire. At that time, living conditions in northern industrial towns were tough and flour, sugar, butter and oats were expensive. Often, milk was watered down and mill owners mixed their flour with sawdust to increase their profits. A group of 28 working-class men decided to change this. They raised the funds to set up a co-operative shop that provided good quality products to the community – at a fair price.


The Rochdale Pioneers – as they are now commonly known – spurred on a movement that has spread throughout the world and continues to thrive today.


The Co-op is also recognised for pioneering notable changes to its packaging with nutritional labelling on food (1985) and later introduced Braille on its packaging. Many own brand products were also reformulated to reduce the amount of salt, sugar and fat in order to make the product range more healthy.


As a charity we value local businesses and retailers who have made such a positive impact on local communities across the country! A huge thank you again to Mid Counties Co-op in Tipton for their donation.


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