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"Together we make a difference"

Thank you Tipton community for welcoming Murray Hall Charity shop.

What a great reception we had last Monday at our grand opening.

Thank you all for your support from the community to charity, a bond that lasts. Celebrating beginnings, together in unity.

Meet our Managers Emma and Andy.

Emma and Andy have contributed much more than just their time to prepare the shop for its opening. They are community champions. The passion they have for building the shop and to help the local community is amazing.

"Unsung Heroes: The Volunteers Behind the Scenes"

"Volunteers: The Heartbeat of Our Community"

Thank you volunteers for all your valuable time we appreciate everyone of you.

We are always looking for volunteers.

"Join Us in Making a Difference! Volunteer Today - Contact Sara Morris at or Tel: 07533 278874 for more information."


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