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  • Daniel Rio Lal


Starting from 16th Feb 10am-12pm, CfED will be running Living Well workshops at DY1 Community Centre, Stafford Street, DY1 1SA. These will cover a wide range of issues to support you in living a happy and healthy lifestyle!

Are you a migrant or from an ethnic minority community? Are you looking to improve your parental skills? Do you want to voice your concerns to health professionals?

If Yes, This Living Well Project is designed to support you to understand/participate in health and well-being activities, gain skills in parenting and developing the confidence to engage with health professionals.

This project will enable you to:

  • Increase parenting skills leading to better family cohesion

  • Reduce number of accidents/ incidents in your home

  • Take up opportunities to engage with health professionals

  • Have a better understanding of the health care system

  • Improve your long term health and well-being

Workshops are FREE to attend and free refreshments will be provided

Interested? Why not come and join us!

Please contact Shugofa Nezam for more information:

01384 456 166


Download Living Well Project Poster (mutli-language)
Download PDF • 344KB


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