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  • Daniel Rio Lal

Strong Minds, Brave Hearts: Making Children & Young People’s Mental Health a Priority

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

An emotional wellbeing project pledge: to support those affected by COVID 19 related to anxiety and stress and transition back into schools.

Murray Hall Community Trust’s Creative Therapeutic Services (CTS) are pleased to announce we have successfully secured funding from BIG (The National Lottery) and DCMS (The Department of Culture, Media and Sport) to deliver a new short term time limited project.

“Strong Minds, Brave Hearts”. The project will deliver a resilience programme, providing children and young people with a “lifelong toolkit” to support their emotional wellbeing as they transition through COVID 19 and into adulthood.

Referrals into this project will be for children & young people who are directly impacted with anxiety and/or stress as a result of COVID 19. This project will offer time limited creative support to those who require additional support with transitioning back into school and everyday life under current COVID restrictions.

The project will consist of: limited 1 to 1 creative therapeutic support, alongside delivery of a range of resilience and coping workshops.

The project will be delivered Oct 2020 – March 2021.

Download PDF • 1.47MB

For more information on how to refer or get involved in the “Strong Mind, Brave Hearts” please visit the CTS page on our MHCT website or contact us via email or telephone.


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