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Connecting People

Tel: 01902 826513

Elevating and connecting people so that they feel valued within the community.

People's lives are richer and fuller when they are included and can contribute to the community they live in. We encourage people to seek new opportunities and contribute as employees, volunteers, partners, community builders and valued neighbours.


We provide a range of key services and support groups to the local community to enable local people to live safe, independent and healthy lifestyles. Together with each person we explore their interests and map out what is available locally, identifying groups who offer opportunities to become involved with shared interests and activities so that people can enjoy what their local area has to offer.

Enjoying a Tablet

Community Offer

The Community Offer service in Tipton and Rowley areas of Sandwell offers low level support to adults over the age of 18 through personalised advice and guidance. 

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Tipton Food Bank

We operate a voucher system where people may have THREE days of food THREE times. We do NOT turn away anyone who will go hungry, even if they do not have a voucher.

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Compassionate Communities Services

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